WWDC开始了,一周时间会有大量Session可学习,这个页面https://github.com/twostraws/wwdc 收集了来自社区的各种WWDC活动、新闻和教程的链接,随着WWDC的进行,页面内容会不断更新,去年2020年的汇总页在这里https://github.com/twostraws/wwdc/blob/3d3b093218af06465b6b268b23e13e2ad6e2d9f8/README.md 。Apple官方收集的开发者组织活动页面是https://developer.apple.com/wwdc21/beyond-wwdc/ ,其中有SwiftGG翻译组组织的活动,介绍页https://swift.gg/wwdc/ ,会在本周每晚8点线上直播交流WWDC21中关注度高的话题以及live coding展示热点技术,嘉宾有喵神、故胤道长、mmoaay、61、钟颖、周楷雯等。

https://www.wwdcnotes.com/ 这是一些WWDC的笔记(比看视频快)汇总,可以订阅他的RSS,还在更新中



  • SharePlay(使用Group Activities框架)同步共享设备上App的操作和播放

  • FaceTime on Web

  • Live Text(看讲座时可以直接拍照拷贝代码了,iPhoneX below not support)

  • iPadOS 多任务感觉更难用了

  • Notes: Tag browser

  • Quick Note(方便)

  • Swift Playgrounds able to build apps(SwiftUI only)(Let’s try to build and upload App on iPad)

  • iCloud+ hides ip and location ==? VPN(VPN apps:”Shit”)

  • Craig drove Apple Car?

  • Universal Control (just support M1)

  • ShortCuts for Mac

  • Object Capture(Dream comes true)

  • Actor(Apple SDK会大量使用,@MainActor 属性包装 in UIKit,BUT,Swift Concurrency requires a deployment target of macOS 12, iOS 15, tvOS 15, and watchOS 8 or newer. :( Damn that’s sad)

  • A/B testing in App Store

  • Xcode Cloud(not in 99$,Bitrise die?)多设备云测试(截图)。自建的构建流程可以从中借鉴。

  • TestFlight for the Mac

  • Xcode 13 has Vim mode

  • Xcode 13 一些重要优化和新功能:

    • Smarter Swift Code Completion
    • Faster Swift Builds
    • Swift Documentation Compiler
  • To build documentation for your Swift framework or package, choose Product > Build Documentation

  • SwiftUI gains more control over lower-level drawing primitives with the new Canvas API.

  • SwiftUI AsyncImage https://developer.apple.com/documentation/swiftui/asyncimage

  • List has gained a lot of new capabilities this year:

  • SwiftUI has a new, pretty cool, debugging utility to help you understand what is causing a view to be reevaluated. Call Self._printChanges() inside the body of a view to print out the changes that have triggered the view update.

  • SwiftUI:Map、Photo、ShortCuts、Weather、Apple Pay、Find Mine(WatchOS)

  • SF Symbols update https://developer.apple.com/design/human-interface-guidelines/sf-symbols/overview/

  • AttributedString:support Markdown syntax,init(markdown:options:baseURL:) (you can delete your hand-rolled markdown parser) https://developer.apple.com/documentation/foundation/attributedstring

  • HTTP analyzer in Instruments, intriguing(Charles?)

  • Surge works fine on the iOS 15 beta 1.

  • StoreKit 2 APIs Provide Customer Support

  • New ⌘+Shift+G in Finder

  • macOS 12 Beta 上微信会崩

  • iOS 15 Beta 非常流畅,九宫格键盘好用了

  • UIButton support multiple lines of text

  • Selective Shader Debugger

  • Screen Time API 家庭控制,做限制